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Andersens Flooring Augmented Reality

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Client: Andersens Flooring


  • Augmented Reality Product Visualisation
  • Flooring Products Showcased via Mobile Devices
  • Allowing Users to Visualise Flooring at Home
  • Increase Customer Inquires and Sales


In collaboration with JSA creative agency, we developed an interactive Augmented Reality application for Andersens Flooring products. Andersens saw a gap in the market with the potential to reach their customers through an interactive mobile application. We designed and delivered the application to take full advantage of current mobile phone capabilities, with the outcome being an augmented reality application for both Apple and Android mobile phone users. Instead of having to travel to a store location to view flooring products, users of the mobile application are able to project their desired flooring options onto the floors in their own home to see what the end result would look like. Through the augmented application users are then able to directly engage Andersens to organise purchase and delivery of the flooring products they choose.

You can download the Andersens Flooring Augmented Reality application via the official website:



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