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Imagine sitting in the cockpit of a spaceship shooting at the evil forces invading Earth, or stand on the wall of your castle slinging rocks at the enemies below. Immersive technologies are opening the gates to new experiences that take you even deeper into the imagination.

As a content development agency we want to develop the backbone to this new form of experiencing entertainment.

Immersive experiences we create include:

  • 360 Video for Entertainment
  • Mobile Augmented Reality for Entertainment
  • Hololens Augmented Reality for Entertainment
  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality for Entertainment
  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality for Entertainment
  • Samsung GearVR Virtual Reality for Entertainment

With the emergence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies there is huge opportunity to create experiences for customers that were previously unimaginable and achievable. Whether you are looking to create an experience for your customers to meet their favorite game characters, or a simulations of a fantasy battle, immersive technologies allow for you to achieve this and more.

Example applications of this technology include:

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 Video Entertainment

  • Transporting consumers into an imaginary virtual world
  • Battling with fantasy creatures
  • Experiencing what it is like to fly a spaceship
  • Creating virtual worlds and civilizations
  • Collaborative and distant 3D gaming
  • VR in gaming as sensorimotor and cognitive rehabilitation tool
  • Full immersion into gaming using at least 3 senses: aural, visual and touch (all 5 in the future)
  • A new level of “exergaming” — vigorous body activity as the input for interacting with engaging digital game content with the hope of supplanting the sedentary activity
  • More deep and dynamic adaptation of the game to the gamer using BCI (brain computer interface) and sensing technologies
  • Social VR experiences
  • Immersive and radically new way to get gambling experiences
  • VR gaming can bring back game arcades
  • Advanced level of tabletop gaming using more fascinating setting and atmosphere

Virtual Reality Content is an ever evolving medium and technology. Our mission is to service you with the best, custom built VR, AR and 360 Video experiences to amplify your impact on your valued clients. Reach out to us today and we can start the conversation.

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