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Barista Cafe Simulation

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Client: Endeavour Foundation


  • Training For Persons With Disabilities
  • 3D Modelling Of Real Location In 1:1 Scale
  • Interactive Barista Training
  • Serving Virtual Customers
  • Preparing For Real Working Conditions

Brief: This experience was designed to give users a real sense of the activities involved in working at a cafe. The cafe and surrounding environment was modeled in 1:1 scale based on the physical cafe at one of Endeavour Foundation’s offices. As a user navigates the virtual representation of the real world cafe they are able to complete orders presented by the virtual customers, including making a variety of coffees, serving hot or cold food, and providing the correct monetary change. This virtual training simulation has been deployed across many of Endeavour’s physical sites for use by their customers, the majority being persons with physical and mental disabilities. The virtual training experience is utilised to give these persons confidence and independence to apply for work such as at their local cafes.

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