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Endeavour Foundation Heritage ATM

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Client: Endeavour Foundation


  • Training For Persons With Disabilities
  • 3D Modelling Of Real Location In 1:1 Scale
  • Interactive Virtual ATM
  • Simulating Road Crossing And Withdrawing Bank Funds
  • Teaching Road Safety And User Independence

Brief: The purpose of this project was to develop a realistic representation of safe and secure interactions with a real world ATM. The intended audience comprised of Endeavour’s customers who are subject to a range of disabilities. The outcome for this project was to develop an incredibility life like experience, to simulate the actions required when retrieving money from an ATM, to increase the level of confidence and self reliance of the intended audience. Heritage Bank partnered with our client Endeavour to provide access to their Toowoomba bank branch and sponsor development of this be used as a training tool for people with disabilities. The end result is shown below, with a 1:1 scale 3d model of the street and front of Toowoomba Heritage Bank. The user is able to cross the road and interact with the ATM to withdraw virtual currency.

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