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Forklift VR Training

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  • Virtual Reality Work Site Simulation
  • Mapped to Certification Standards
  • Training Around Forklift Operation and Site Safety
  • User Feedback and Data Capture on Performance Progress


Developed out of insights into the training industry, we saw the opportunity to develop an off the shelf application which provides trainees a more engaging training experience for forklift opperation and site safety. Current certification standards were mapped into a 3D construction site to ensure learning throughout the experience were in alignment with industry training standards. Our output includes a 3D work site environment replaicating a hypothetical real world work site, while also including ‘dangerous’ obsticales within the simulation. A tranee can utilise the virtual reality application to be immersed into the environment, and then is guided through site safety procedures. This experience includes assessing forklift safety and operation standards. Completing these activities in the real world is typically time consuming and costly, and by developing a virtual simulation we can provide this training in a safe context, at a lower cost and with the aditianal benifit of measuring user performance and information retention, all while keeping within certification standards.



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