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Highton High School Arch Viz

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Client: BHA Management


  • Pre-visualisation Of Development
  • 3D Modelling Of High School
  • Interactive Virtual Tour
  • Showcasing Property Development

Brief: The purpose of this project was to develop a to scale, exact representation of a construction project before laying the first brick in the real world. Our client was looking to showcase their proposed solution to their key stakeholders to gain critical feedback on the design and usability including; spacial requirements, maneuverability of the site and whether it was a well designed layout for maximum functional flexibility for when the building would be occupied by residents. This building was a high tech high school of the future which our client wanted to accurately represent within a virtual reality experience. The final virtual experience we delivered included everything down to interactive kitchen taps, doors which opened and closed, and 3d avatar occupants to better understand the scale of each room.

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