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Hyundai i30 World

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Client: Hyundai


  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality Showroom
  • Interactive Virtual Stations Displaying Information About Latest Car Features
  • UI For Car Salesman To See Customer Feedback
  • Integrated Teleportation System For Movement Around Virtual Floor Space
  • Embedded 360 Video Test Drive

Brief: In collaboration with Llewellyn Motors we produced a virtual reality automotive experience for Hyundai. This comprised of a 360 video test drive in the latest, pre-released i30 model car and a virtual showroom. The virtual showroom utilised multiple informational stations which educate customers on the latest features of the new car. Hyundai was able to use the virtual experience to promote to their customers without requiring their customers to travel to car dealerships. The experience provided Hyundai the ability to measure which features were most important to each customer and measure feedback on likelihood to purchase.

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