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Client: Internal Product
  • Scalable Platform for Vehicle Showcasing
  • Ultra Realistic Car Simulation
  • Virtual Showroom Displaying Vehicle Manufacturer Brands
  • Easily Load and Test Drive Multiple Vehicle Models
Based on the number of virtual car showrooms and simulators that we have developed over the years for clients, we decided to compile all of our learnings into a robust, scalable and customisation platform for car manufacturers looking to launch their own branded virtual experiences. Our goal was to create an easy way for manufacturers to upload models of their vehicles, information on features and adjust vehicle manuverability to align with real world performance, so as to give them an all in one sales tool that gives customers as close an experience to driving the real thing.
Along with ultra realistic visualisations and physics simulation, the platform also has the capabilities to measure user data to better understand what features users like, what could be improved and more. This system is robust and can be adjusted to your needs. Our platform is live today, and we would be more than happy to provide you with a demo or discuss how you can utilise the platform for your own purposes.
Contact us today at Enter@ImmerseEnterprise.com or via the contact details at the bottom of this webpage.

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