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Preserving our heritage allows us to learn from the past and interpret history to understand how we reached the point in our civilization that we now find ourselves. In the past, the battle to keep the old and bring in the new has been waged in many facets of our lives. From our buildings to  art, music, culture, language and our history books. We strive to continue progressing as a society yet want to ensure that we keep our heritage for future generations to enjoy.

There has never been a more perfect balance between old and new than with virtual reality in the heritage space. We can now use virtual reality in a way that allows us to communicate our heritage with virtual 1:1 scale recreations in 3d digital environments, then immersing ourselves in the stories to experience history as if we had traveled back in time.

Immersive experiences for heritage include:

  • 360 Video for Heritage
  • Mobile Augmented Reality for Heritage
  • Hololens Augmented Reality for Heritage
  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality for Heritage
  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality for Heritage
  • Oculus Go Virtual Reality for Heritage

Using virtual reality to preserve our heritage breathes new life into an aspect of our culture that can be easily overlooked by the younger generations. Children find that the experience of using the latest technology to view history is an incredibly engaging and rich experience, which also has the potential to revolutionise museums and galleries.

Example applications of this technology include:

  • Viewing of virtual monuments and sculptures
  • Virtual walkthroughs of archaeological sites
  • Virtual tours of historical buildings giving detailed explanations on how they were used and what life was like within the walls
  • Entire simulated environments of old towns and villages, brought to life for visitors to explore as though they were living in their peak time
  • Being placed at the center of historically significant events to watch them unfold
  • Allow older generations to explore areas that they hold in their memories from when they were younger
  • Simulate historically accurate characters to meet and engage with

Virtual reality has the potential to revive many historical showcases and display these important pieces of our heritage in ways that will be understood and appreciated by the generations today and into the future. If you have a heritage project that you feel should be brought to life through VR we would love to connect and discuss best practices. View our portfolio for examples of the heritage work we have done in the past.

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