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Luggage Point Innovation Center

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Client: Queensland Urban Utilities


  • To Scale 3D Model Of The Innovation Center
  • Interactive Virtual Tour
  • Showcasing Water Technologies Being Developed
  • Informative Historical Reference

Brief: As a third experience developed for Queensland Urban Utilities we were given the challenge to accurately represent the Luggage Point Innovation Center near Brisbane Airport. This building houses QUU’s most cutting edge technologies being used to invent new and better ways of creating recycled drinking water. Due to the highly restricted access to the Innovation Center QUU wanted to take the experience of visiting the building to the public and to others who make up the QUU organization who have never seen the space or it’s significance to keeping our future water clean. The first day on this project involved our technical team visiting and gaining access the the Innovation Center in order to photograph the entire interior of the building. From these photos our team modeled the interior, including all of the interior technology, to later add interactive stations which gave more information about the technology via audio voice over within the virtual experience.

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