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Sewerage Treatment Virtual Site Training

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Client: Urban Utilities


  • 1:1 Scale Digital Twin of Physical Site
  • Interactive Virtual Site Safety Training Module
  • Replication of Real World Induction Process
  • Virtual Reality Application for Team Inductions


One of the biggest challenges of a high security physical facility is the ability to bring new staff on site for training purposes. Prerequisites for access to a physical site such as the Urban Utilities Sewerage Treatment station requires an extensive on-boarding process, safety precautions, health assessment and more. As a result, we worked with Urban Utilities to convert 3D scan data into a 3D replica of the physical sewerage treatment station, understanding and integrating their on site induction process into an interactive virtual reality experience. The virtual site included treatment equipment and major physical assets of the four story facility. The virtual reality application is used to train staff and provide virtual tours of the site, so as not to require taking visitors onto the physical site.



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