Urban Utilities Kholo Pumpstation - Immerse Enterprise

Urban Utilities Kholo Pumpstation

Client: Queensland Urban Utilities


  • 1:1 Scale Virtual Representation of Historic Site
  • Simulating Original Kholo Waterworks Pump Station
  • Based on Historically Accurate Records
  • Interactive Pump Engine
  • Drone Fly Over And Voice Over Included For Educational Purposes

Brief: The purpose of this experience was to transport users back in time to the original site dedicated to Kholo Waterworks Pumpstation, giving viewers an understanding and insight into how this heritage building used to operate in the 1870s. Working with Queensland Urban Utilities’ in house historians we were supplied images of the building; black and white photos, floor plans and pump schematics. Using the supplied resources our team reconstructed the original building within virtual reality to accurately represent what the building used to look like and how it functioned. In the final experience users were flown up the Bremer River (via drone footage), shown the original photographs and schematic designs of the pump station, then placed in the 3d virtual environment to explore and interact with the heritage building.