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What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality utilises wearable headsets which, when worn, displays a virtual environment which gives you the perception that you are actually there within the virtual space. This feeling is called presence, which is defined as the feeling that you are somewhere else from where you physically are. With the addition of hardware controllers, you are able to interact with the virtual environment. This can be something simple, such as opening the door of a car and inspecting the inside, or more complex such as a multi user virtual experience where users, located in different continents, can join in a meeting room simultaneously.

Virtual Reality effectively allows you to experience things which are not physically possible, visit locations without physically being there and experience events which are unlike anything ever seen before. You are only limited by your imagination.

What Are We Able To Create Using Virtual Reality Technology

We develop completely immersive experiences from the ground up. Through 3D modeling, animation and code integration, we create interactive environments according to your specifications and key desired functionality depending on the outcome you are looking to achieve.

VR is great for education and training simulations which involve dangerous situations. Virtual experiences are also incredibly cost effective for exhibition installations within real-estate/heavy machinery/boating or other physical product based industries, or interactive marketing experiences for example an animated chocolate factory game for fans of Cadbury. Instead of requiring large areas to showcase your physical product (which can be quite expensive) or relying on flyers and standard videos to showcase your product(s), use virtual reality convert your physical product into a digital 3d model, and give your customers a real interactive experience with it.

Our team is able to develop applications for:

  • Virtual Reality Education
  • Virtual Reality Training
  • Virtual Reality Event Activations
  • Virtual Reality Product Marketing
  • Virtual Reality Games
  • Virtual Reality Simulations
  • Virtual Reality Tourism
  • Virtual Reality Architecture Visualization
  • Virtual Reality Healthcare
  • Virtual Reality Rehabilitation

The Virtual Reality headsets we develop for include:

  • Oculus Rift
  • Htc Vive
  • Google Daydream
  • Samsung GearVR
  • Mobile Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets
  • Standalone VR Headsets

Why Choose Immerse Enterprise As Your Virtual Reality Developer In Queensland

We have been developing virtual reality experiences for 3 years, working with some of the biggest brands in automotive, healthcare and retail. We believe technology is only as good as the value it provides to our customers (you) and your customers (typically the users of this technology). To us you are the expert in your industry. Whether you are in retail, engineering, marketing or other we want to be your trusted developers of virtual experiences. We are committed to discovering how this technology can be best utilised to increase your success.

What are you looking to create?

Whether you have a clear idea of what you are looking to create, or are in the initial stages of exploring your options, we would love to hear from you. We love what we do, and are happy to assist you on your journey to immersive solutions.

Please contact us via the email listed below. You can expect to hear from us within 24 hours or less.

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