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In your travels, have you ever found yourself booking into a hotel that was not exactly what you expected. It can be pretty disappointing. Most people will now do extensive research before they book a hotel, especially if the establishment commands an above average booking fee.

Even with all the information found over the internet, nothing quite compares to viewing a particular hotel as though you were actually there, which is exactly what virtual reality aims to achieve. Marketing for hospitality venues have a wealth of opportunities to benefit from when it comes to both AR and VR technology. You could take a walk through a virtual recreation of a hotel or even nearby attractions to encourage users to stay at your nearby hotel. Marketing is not the only avenue either, staff training and hotel design will also have a significant role to play.

Immersive experiences for hospitality include:

  • 360 Video for Hospitality
  • Mobile Augmented Reality for Hospitality
  • Hololens Augmented Reality for Hospitality
  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality for Hospitality
  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality for Hospitality
  • Oculus Go Virtual Reality for Hospitality

Immersive applications for hospitality include:

  • Sales and marketing for hotels and tourist destinations
  • Hotel design and construction
  • Virtual tours of hotels and the facilities offered at different price points
  • VR experiences of local sights, affiliated with the hotel
  • Simulated travel experiences of local sights to encourage tourism
  • Detailed information on locations in and around the hotel that can be conveyed to guests through mobile Augmented Reality

Hospitality has a lot to gain from adopting virtual reality and augmented reality technology. As the hospitality and accommodation space grow increasingly competitive, VR provides an edge that accomodation booking apps such as AirBNB will eventually look at integrating. This also gives hotels opportunities to revolutise the experiences of their customers and provide an entirely new branch of hospitality and tourism that we are only now laying the foundations for. Want to capture experiences and treat your guests to the pinnacle of VR technology? We can help make that happen with you.

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