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The complex grid that supplies us with electricity, power and telecom services is in high demand for new forms of data visualisation, training and 3d simulation for future proofing. Virtual and Augmented Reality has the ability to visualise such information and present in a useful and practical way, allowing utility professionals to put data to good use to improve our current systems, ensure that everything is run smoothly and all worst case scenarios have been simulated in advance.

Immersive technologies for Utilities include:

  • 360 Video for Utilities
  • Mobile Augmented Reality for Utilities
  • Hololens Augmented Reality for Utilities
  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality for Utilities
  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality for Utilities
  • Samsung GearVR Virtual Reality for Utilities

As many of the older engineers in the utilities workforce begin to look towards retirement, younger technicians are looking to best capitalise on the technology available. This means that virtual reality can also offer an exceptional training tool for the utilities workforce of tomorrow.

Example applications of this technology include:

  • Data overlays across infrastructure in AR to spot faults, perform maintenance and identify components
  • Repair procedures can be stored on tablets and identified through AR to communicate with the appropriate contacts to perform the job
  • VR can be used to inform non expert technicians through certain procedures that would require guidance by professionals are on the receiving end of the visual feed. This would valuable in the case where an aging workforce is reducing the total experience of the utility sector.
  • Virtual training exercises to identify hazards and simulate emergency situations
  • Virtual tours of infrastructure projects for key stakeholders who may not have the time or means to be on site
  • Site plans can be stored in virtual reality to be referenced by stakeholders and presented in a engaging and exciting way
  • Workplace health and safety can be improved through the use of AR and VR by providing virtual warnings and labels where hazards might be present

Our infrastructure and utilities are vital in providing our society with the essential resources it needs to function. By making use of technologies such as VR and AR, we can present and interpret data in simple and effective ways that allow work to be streamlined and cost effective. Have you got an idea on what the future infrastructure and utilities application will be? We want to work with you to create your solution that will impact the utilities sector.

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