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Westfield Snow Throw

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Client: Westfield Garden City


  • Themed Virtual Reality Kids Activation
  • Players Compete By Throwing Snowballs At Each Other Inside Virtual Reality
  • Local Network Setup For Multiplayer
  • Integrated Scoring System And Third Person Control To Start/Stop Experience

Brief: Westfield Shopping Centre is a playground for shoppers during school holidays. Being focused on their customer experience Westfield is always looking for new ways to engage with the younger generations who come to shop with them. In collaboration with Follow Marketing we designed and developed a multiplayer experience suitable for the Christmas season. A delightfully fun game or Snow Throw was created, which immersed the players in a showdown between each other. The aim of the experience was to be short, but fun, where each player had to ‘throw’ virtual snow balls at each other. Whichever player scored the most snow balls on the other player won that round.

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