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Immerse Enterprise and Endeavour Foundation on Channel Seven Toowoomba

by | Oct 14, 2018 | In The News

The applications of virtual reality extend much further than just novelty or entertainment. In this piece by channel 7 News Toowoomba, real life skills are being developed with the help of virtual reality technology. For people living with disabilities the real world can feel intimidating, overwhelming and confusing. Opportunities to nurture these skills can be difficult to come by however the help of foundations like Endeavour, we are able to tailor design opportunities to create real life skills for people living with disabilities.

Tasks such as withdrawing money from an ATM, catching a train or working in a cafe are all experiences we take for granted. For those who struggle with completing these tasks day to day, virtual reality offers a simplified, straightforward approach to building these skills within an safe immersive 3D environment. Although these environments are still designed to perform in a similar way to our own world with real life implications, such as straying into oncoming traffic, being programmed in. The idea is to demonstrate that although they are in a safe space in which there are no dangers of harming themselves, their actions still carry consequences in the same way.

As VR technology develops to more powerful and complex, we feel that there is limitless potential to help societies most vulnerable through skill and experienced based learning.