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Find out how innovative technology like Augmented Reality can Drive Your Business Forward.

Lex Van Cooten, the founder of Immerse Enterprise, has an immense portfolio of work and experience in this space. Let him present alternative strategies and their benefits in transforming the way you conduct business.
Recession is a catalyst for innovation and those who innovate are more likely to thrive than just survive.

About The Company

IMMERSE ENTERPRISE is a virtual reality development agency specialising in content creation for cutting edge immersive technologies. We provide development capacity for you to produce virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video experiences.

Having worked with our valued clients including Hyundai, KPMG, Westfield Shopping Centre, RACQ, Queensland Urban Utilities and Endeavour Foundation our team works towards a vision to bring this technology to the masses through real-world applications.

Whether you have an idea or are looking to learn more about how you could benefit from these technologies, we would love to connect with you and assist in bringing your ideas to life through immersive experiences.

Results In Numbers

We create experiences across multiple industries, working closely with businesses to utilise Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 Video, AI and Machine Learning to fit your business needs. We are very happy about our achievements and don’t hide them.

Improvement On Completing Tasks After VR Training

Fewer Errors Compared To Training via Non-VR

Of Buyers Want Product Information Through AR

Of Buyers Willing To Pay More After Experiencing In AR

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Who We’ve Helped

We have helped hundreds of happy customers.

“Immerse Enterprise are our valued partners when it comes to the design and development of realistic, immersive, virtual reality experiences.”

Chris Beaumont

Endeavour Foundation

When the future is uncertain, there is an emerging opportunity for innovation. The uptake and diversity in channels have opened up alternatives for exploration, a push for agile processes and thus scrutiny of brand experience. As the market overcomes its fear of working with technology, they’ll appreciate the immersion new technology provides.

Self-isolation doesn’t mean you need to stop. Be ready for a global crisis such as COVID-19 and let us help you insulate the impact.

The opportunities that technology can provide will ensure that distance won’t be a problem.

Advance your advantage by letting Lex Van Cooten provide you pragmatic advice with achievable solutions.

Information is power. Digital information is transformative. Get informed and don’t let COVID-19 slow you down. Get armed with the technology that will start the fightback.

The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away.

~ Linus Pauling

Success Stories To Inspire You

Following is a selection of work we have delivered for our clients. By selecting on each you can learn more about each use case.

How Virtual Reality will Impact the Training Industry in 2019

Having a highly skilled workforce is what every company strives to achieve. Not only does the operations of the business grow to be more productive, it also provides the building blocks for each member to work towards the company’s vision, one step at a...

International Police Museum Conference

Preserving the heritage of law enforcement across Australia’s states and territories have always been a priority for police museums in our country. In order to celebrate and showcase the achievements of police museums, the third International Police Museum...

North Burnett Regional Council VR Launch

Honouring the brave sacrifices of our nations soldiers is a tradition which Australians have taken part in since the closing on the First World War on November 1st, 1918. One hundred years on, we still hold in our memories the legacies of those who gave...

Ekka 2018

Bringing the country to the city through a celebration of agriculture at this years 2018 Ekka show offered several showcases the whole family could take part in. The event was complete with the usual assortment of entertainment, shows, live music and an...

How the Automotive Industry Can Utilise Virtual Reality

When Facebook made the bold move of acquiring Oculus, the virtual reality hardware company developing the Rift, this lead to a wave of investment and action propelling VR and AR technology into the spotlight. This reignition of the immersive technology which saw a...

Is Virtual Reality the future of the Automotive Industry? | RACQ Immersion Day 2018

What does the future of the automotive industry look like? Our mind often wanders towards self driving cars, soaring above the ground in a sleek hovercraft and electric vehicles yet our imagination rarely explores how our user data collected when behind the wheel...

How Does Virtual Reality Fit Into Brisbane’s Digital Ecosystem?

Amongst Brisbane’s thriving digital ecosystem, Immerse Enterprise has had the opportunity to showcase the latest in virtual reality technology at this years Something Digital, held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on November 1st. The atmosphere was...

Immerse Enterprise and Endeavour Foundation on Channel Seven Toowoomba

The applications of virtual reality extend much further than just novelty or entertainment. In this piece by channel 7 News Toowoomba, real life skills are being developed with the help of virtual reality technology. For people living with disabilities the...

Five ways virtual reality is changing the lives of those living with disabilities

When it comes to learning history, there are certain students find that simply cannot connect with the material. It’s not so much the sOne of the most exciting aspects of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology is the discovery of almost...

Rethinking History: Preserving our Heritage through Virtual Worlds

When it comes to learning history, there are certain students find that simply cannot connect with the material. It’s not so much the subject of history or even the events they struggle with, does have a lot to do with the method which they prefer to learn...

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Q: How do you differ from your competitors?

Committed to not outsourcing offshore, Immerse Enterprises prides itself on being Australian owned and operated. With lower overheads, we pass the savings onto our customers. 
We don’t push the solution we want to sell, but rather assess the client’s needs in a manner typically better than our competitors. Our 3D High-end Graphics also gives us an advantage.

As companies navigate these challenging times, consumers want to trust in contingency plans to combat their fear. The VR world may end up the best viable way to interact. The shift has started. Embrace the evolution.

What We Can Do For You

Following is a selection of work we have delivered for our clients. By selecting on each you can learn more about each use case.

Augmented Reality

Technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, through devices like the Hololens or your mobile phone. We design and develop AR applications according to your needs, ensuring the best in user experience.

3D Web Applications

We build 3D models that could be an architectural building which is yet to be built, or it could be a fantasy world limited only by your imagination. Talk to us about how we can create your idea.

Virtual Reality

Generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations, replacing the user’s view of the real world with a virtual experience. Our team create VR applications for a range of purposes, working with you step by step through the process.

Opportunity & Market Size

Adobe, in partnership with Econsultancy, produced a report on Digital Trends 2020 revealing: While their counterparts across APAC are investing in all the technologies, one in three in Australia and New Zealand are not investing in any one of them. This lack of digital investment has prompted the Australian government to conclude that more needs to be done to encourage greater R&D in technology and improve businesses’ digital skills level.
More and more brands are embracing the possibility afforded by these technology breakthroughs resolving things like distance to be a thing of the past.

Contact us for more statistics and data that relates to your business needs.